Hib/MenC Vaccine

Before you vaccinate ask:

  • Does my child really need this vaccination?
  • Is my child well enough to have this vaccine?
  • Has my child had a bad reaction to a vaccination before?
  • Does my child or family have a history of:
    Vaccine reactions? Convulsions? Neurological disorders? 
    Allergies (asthma, antibiotics)? Immune system problems?
  • Do I have full information on the vaccine's side effects?
  • Do I know how to identify a vaccine reaction?
  • Do I know how and why my doctor should report a vaccine reaction?
  • Do I know the vaccine's name and batch number?
  • Do I know what chemicals and biological agents are in the vaccine?
  • Make informed vaccine decisions and help prevent vaccine reactions!

Haemophilus type b and Meningococcal group C conjugate vaccine known as Hib/MenC vaccine.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency formerly the Committee on Safety of Medicines 

Report of the Committee on Safety of Medicines Expert Working Group on Meningococcal Group C Conjugate Vaccines May 2002


GSK's Menitorix Product Information Leaflet


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